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Serait-il possible que la France comprenne enfin qu’Israël n’est finalement pas “le problème” suscitant le terrorisme dans le monde?

[Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS] Islam, Interfaith, Environment, Pope, Obama- end times deception! by

  What happended since last update 5 weeks ago ?
Let's see how this interfaith deception is being designed day after day after day ! Purvi's talking about the updated connexion dots between Islam, Obama, Interfaith, Pope & Environment...
We are getting closer and faster than ever from getting the mark of the beast, so please, share this with your people, thank you.
Well, famins, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, signs in the sun, moon and stars, bloodmoon tetrade, christian persecution, false christ, false doctrines by hundreds, all those signs are now combinating at once !
[Note de Valérie] 

There are MAJOR end times deceptions surrounding Islam, interfaith, environment, the Pope, and Obama.
The excuses of  "Interfaith" and that of "Saving the environment" /"Sustainable development" are gaining momentum to usher in a New World Order. In the guise of doing good for the world and all people, a wicked system is under way that will ultimately lead to the Mark of the Beast. These subjects will be the focus of this video.
All news links and articles from video available at archive:

The true love of born again Christians toward all people of every kind is needed desperately now in the world. What better way to love than to share  (no matter how we are viewed) the truth of the gospel?  Let us be resilient brothers and sisters in this spiritual battle with the goal of getting up at the moment we may fall! It is not so much about the fact that we may go through weakness and fall but rather about how quickly we get back up! Much love to all reading this.

To understand this video in full context regarding Obama as Al-Mahdi and Antichrist please see:
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[Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS] Islam, Interfaith, Environment, Pope, Obama- end times deception! by 

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