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Serait-il possible que la France comprenne enfin qu’Israël n’est finalement pas “le problème” suscitant le terrorisme dans le monde?

[Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS] The Prophetic king of Babylon changing laws! | Martus Ministry | ©Valerie Sha Live Blog


Relayé [?] par ©Valérie Sha Live Blog

The Prophetic king of Babylon changing laws! - Prophecy In The News

This video covers the prophetic king of Babylon known as the beast and/or the Antichrist of the end times biblical prophecy. This end times character is fulfilled through the role of the Mahdi in the false Islamic prophecy. Barack Hussein Obama is consistently, continuously, and currently taking actions that directly relate to biblical prophecy as it comes alive before our very eyes.

Barack Obama Biography
Obama to immigration hecklers: ‘I just took an action to change the law’ Nov 26 2014
U.S. to Equip Moderate Syrian Rebels: Defense Official Feb 15 2017
WH: America Needs to ‘Redouble’ Effort to Explain True ‘Tenets’ of Islam Jan 7 2015
Obama defends the ‘true peaceful nature of Islam’ Feb 18 2015
Obama says terrorists not motivated by true Islam Feb 1 2015
Brooklyn imam: “Let us admit…that we, the Muslims, are time bombs…The majority of us Muslims hate the Christians” Jan 30 2015
State Dept. Spokeswoman: ‘Christian Militant Group’ Among ‘Extremist Threats We Face’ Feb 18 2015
Readout of the President’s Meeting with American Muslim Leaders Feb 4 2015
Islamic Bloc Raises UN ‘Anti-Religious Intolerance’ Measure Backed by Obama Administration Feb 13 2015
The Muslim Brotherhood Comes To The White House Feb 8 2015
The Muslim Brotherhood Comes To The White House Feb 7 2015
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna
Terrorists ‘Betray’ Islam: Obama Asks Muslim Youth To Use Social Media To Counter Extremism Feb 19 2015
Muslim Brotherhood Members to Attend Obama’s Cairo Speech June 3 2009
Obama: Violent Extremists Have ‘Legitimate Grievances’; Suggests Using ‘Democratic Process’ Feb 18 2015
Obama: U.S. ‘At War With People Who Have Perverted Islam’ Feb 18 2015
What Does The Term “Mahdi” Mean?

May we have eyes to see what is happening. God bless!

Links to articles covered in video:

If you do not know Yeshua Ha Mashiach ( Jesus Christ) as your Lord and Saviour personally, it is not too late! Please see this video along with description box:


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